Corona and Hygiene Rules

1. Hand disinfection and handwashing
In the entrance area of the studio, disinfectant is available. Every class participant is required to disinfect their hands straight after entering the studio.

After using the changing rooms and toilets, hands have to be washed thoroughly with soap.

Please wash your hands before touching the aerial hoops.

2. Minimum distance
Please ensure that you keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other class participants and the teacher during classes, in the entrance area, the toilets and the changing rooms.

3. No participation in classes if COVID-19 symptoms or cold or flu symptoms are present
When booking a class, participants agree to only participate when no symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 are present. Even if you only have a cold or flu, please do not attend.

The 24 hour cancellation policy is still in place.

4. Large towels or own mat for exercise classes
Please bring a large towel/beach towel that will cover the mat completely or bring your own yoga mat. If you don’t have a towel or own mat, please disinfect your mat at the end of the class.

5. Spotting
In order to adhere to the 1.5 meter distance rule, spotting and other physical contact will be avoided. In order to avoid accidents, thick mats can be placed under the poles (for level 2 and higher) if required. During the aerial hoop classes, we always put mats under the hoops.

6. Ventilation and cleaning

The studio is ventilated regularly. Cleaning of contact points such as door handles is carried out regularly.