Aerial Acrobatics (Aerial Hoop)

The Aerial Hoop is a large metal ring that is suspended from the ceiling. During the classes, you will learn how to create beautiful shapes below, inside and above the hoop.

Aerial Hoop is an effective workout that increases strength, flexibility and coordination. But it is much more than just a workout – it’s creative, artistic and great fun!

All our classes start with a thorough warm-up, stretching and conditioning, followed by exercises and combinations on the hoop, and end with a cool-down.

Aerial Hoop Level 1

No prior experience is required for this class. Aerial hoop basics are learned here. We learn moves such as Man in the Moon, Mermaid, Star on the Bar, Birds Nest and Gazelle.

Aerial Hoop Level 2

For those who already have some experience with the aerial hoop and have mastered straddle inverts and rollover inverts. We learn more challenging figures such as Front and Back Balances, Amazon and Walking Man.

We work on short choreographies and put more emphasis on technical details, artistic expression and creativity.

Each of our teachers has a different style.

Aerial Hoop Level 3

In this class, we work on advanced exercises and combinations. For example, we learn the Meathook, Russian Split, Crocodile as well as Drops and Rolls.

What to wear:

Please wear leggings, a short or long sleeve top that covers your lower back and no jewellery. Socks can be worn.

Please wash your hands before the class.

The use of sticky grip aids (rosin, monkey hands etc.) is not permitted. The hoops are all covered in tape to provide good grip.