Pole Acrobatics / Pole Dance / Pole Ballet

Pole dance classes in Berlin

During our pole acrobatics/pole dance/pole ballet classes, you will learn how to create beautiful shapes on the pole – spinning and static.

Our pole dance classes in Berlin-Schöneberg are an effective workout that increases strength, flexibility and coordination. But they are much more than just a workout – They’re creative, artistic and great fun!

On our Instagram profile you can see some of our videos.

All our classes start with a thorough warm-up, stretching and conditioning, followed by exercises and combinations on the pole, and end with a cool-down.

Pole Level 1 (Pole Dance / Pole Acrobatics)

No prior experience is necessary for this class. We will cover pole basics, such as spins, climbing and the first inverts.

Each one of our teachers has a different style.

Pole Level 2 (Pole Dance / Pole Acrobatics)

This class is the next step for everyone who can invert, climb and do a range of spins on the static pole. Here we will learn many different moves, for example jade and butterfly. Static and spinning.

Pole Level 3 (Pole Dance / Pole Acrobatics)

In this class, we will work on advanced moves and combinations, e.g. hand springs and longer invert combinations. Static and spinning.

What to wear:

Please wear shorts or hotpants and a sleeveless top. For Level 2 and above, please wear shorts and a crop top or a tight, sleeveless top that can be rolled up above the waist. Men can also have a bare upper body in the higher levels. Bare skin enables you to grip the pole more easily. Please don’t wear shorts with buttons or zips.

During the colder seasons, it is advisable to wear leggings and a long sleeve top for the warm-up, and your shorts and sleeveless top underneath.

Bare feet, socks or soft ballet shoes are fine. In beginners classes, it’s good to wear socks as it makes turns easier.

Please do not wear any jewellery – especially no rings, no watches, no bracelets or anklets that have any metal parts on them (fabric is fine). Belly button piercings should be removed or taped over.

Please don’t use body lotion or oil on the day of the class and please wash your hands before the class.