Pole Dance Teacher Training

Pole Dance/Pole Fitness/Pole Acrobatics Instructor Training – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

from LCN professional Pole & Aerial Training

Training in Berlin-Schöneberg

Remote Training via Video is also available

  • The training takes place in our studio in Berlin-Schöneberg
  • Remote training per video is also available
  • 28 hours (6 x 4 hours group seminars with min. 3, max. 8 participants + practical presentation/exam)
  • Duration: 7 weeks (7 x 4-hour sessions)
  • Use of the studio between sessions for training free of charge (at agreed times)
  • Practical examination/presentation
  • Certificate from LCN Professional Pole & Aerial Training
  • In the training, we cover how to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced pole classes. Based on the participants‘ level of experience and the material they choose to teach in the practical exam, they will receive a certificate saying „Pole Dance Teacher Training Beginner Level“ or „Pole Dance Teacher Training Beginner and Intermediate Level“ or „Pole Dance Teacher Training Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level“
  • For detailed course content, please see below

Course fee including examination and certificate: €599 + 19 % VAT

The training can be held in English or in German, as required.

Dates – next programme:

  • 15th of March to 10th of May (no session on the 29th of March), on Fridays at 15:00-19:00 — Fully booked —

  • September/October 2024: Fridays, 15:00-19:00 – please contact us regarding the exact dates – the availability of participants will be considered when deciding on the dates.

Dates after that:

The next training programme will start as soon as there are at least 3 applicants. Various times and dates are available and will be decided together with the participants. If you are interested, please email us (kayherm@lechatnoirberlin.de).


  • Participants without professional training in dance, gymnastics, acrobatics or similar: pole experience min. 6 months
  • Participants with professional training in dance, gymnastics, acrobatics or similar: pole experience min. 1 month

Training Syllabus

  • Anatomy, physiology, fitness theory and practice
  • Safe and effective warm-up, cool-down, conditioning, stretching, safe pole instruction
  • Beginner and advanced pole moves and exercises, and how to teach them (the level of difficulty of moves taught is based on the participants’ own level)
  • Participants are able to practice teaching during the course on a regular basis
  • How to deal with students‘ injuries and other physical restrictions
  • Avoiding mistakes made by many teachers that can endanger students
  • Devising choreographies
  • Artistic, creative aspects
  • How can I develop as a teacher in the future and develop concepts for teaching additional moves and class formats?
  • How can I continue to develop as an artist/as an athlete and also pay attention to my physical and mental health?
  • Communication, pedagogy and interpersonal skills
  • What is important in order to ensure that students feel comfortable, have fun, strengthen their confidence and learn effectively? 
  • Teaching styles for different learning styles
  • Teacher ethics
  • How can I assess whether students have enough strength and coordination to start working on inverts without risk of injury?  
  • Effective spotting and alternatives to spotting
  • How can I devise individualised training concepts taking into account the needs, strengths and weaknesses of students?
  • How can I ensure that all students in a mixed level class receive enough attention and individual support?
  • Devising lesson plans for groups and private lessons
  • Equipment safety


Kay Friederike Herm has over 10 years experience as a performing artist and teacher in dance, acrobatics and theatre. Kay was born in Berlin but moved to London in 1999, where she studied Performing Arts and Human Rights. In 2009, Kay started training in pole dance/pole acrobatics. In 2011, Kay started teaching pole and founded the Business Pole Ballet®. In 2017, she moved back to Berlin and in January 2020, she opened the studio Le Chat Noir Berlin, offering classes in pole, aerial hoop and theatre.

Kay’s Qualifications:

  • 2002-2005: Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Performing Arts – Middlesex University (London)
  • 2006-2008: Master of Arts in Human Rights – University of London
  • 2010: Certificate in Advanced Exercise and Fitness Theory – Citylit College (London)
  • 2010: Certificate in Teaching Exercise to Music – Citylit College (London)
  • 2010: Certificate in Teaching Mat Pilates – Citylit College (London)
  • 2011: Certificate in Ante/Post Natal Exercise – Lifetime (London)
  • 2011: Certificate in Advanced Instructing in Pole Dance Fitness – PS Pro (Maidstone)
  • 2016: Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching – Animas Center for Coaching (London)